Penélope Menchaca breaks down in tears when revealing why she left Venga la Alegría’

It was last January of the current year when the beloved presenter Penelope Menchaca left Venga la Alegría without giving any explanation. Now, after several months of leaving without saying goodbye to her, she herself revealed the reason why she left.

Let us remember that Penelope Menchaca is in Turkey leading the program The Power of Love, a show in which Vanessa Claudio was previously as presenter.

In a broadcast of said program, Penelope with tears on her face and a broken voice, confessed that being in Turkey she could be closer to her daughter, who lives in Italy and is going through a hard time.

“One of the reasons why I came is because my daughter lives in Italy. My daughter is going through one of the worst moments that any mother can go through, one of the worst,” commented the former host of Falling in love.

Although Penelope Menchaca did not detail the situation her daughter is facing, she indicated that this second season of The Power of Love has allowed her to be in constant communication with her daughter, unlike when she was in Venga la Alegría, which due to the time difference it was a bit more complicated.