“People are the ones who give power and take it away”: Eugenio Derbez believes that Bad Bunny acted badly and advises fans to “apply it” | People | Entertainment

Bad Bunny has been a trend in recent days on social networks, after the singer, in a moment of explosiveness, took the phone of a fan who was trying to take a selfie with him and threw it into the sea, an action that has divided opinions And it has caused a lot of controversy.

Not only have the fans of the ‘Neverita’ interpreter spoken about this case, but Latin American influencers and celebrities have also made their thoughts known, such is the case of the Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez.

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What Eugenio Derbez said about Bad Bunny

In this sense, the actor reproached the press for the attitudes of the Puerto Rican, who also published a message on his social networks to justify his actions, which received strong criticism from Internet users.

“The people are the ones who give power and the people are the ones who take it away. I have been in the worst crowds. […] I know that they do not want to bother me, they do it because there are pushes and so on, but in general I think that what he did was tremendously wrong, “said the artist, who claimed to have been in the role of the singer more than once. time without having exploded like that.

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The Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez, in a file photograph.
Photo: Jose Mendez Jose Mendez

Derbez thought that the fact that the young woman wanted a photograph with her idol was not disrespectful, so Bad Bunny’s response was not correct.

In the same way, the Mexican actor stressed that the fame of any celebrity originates from their fans, who are the ones who decide to endure and admire the arrogance of celebrities.

“The people who fill the stadiums are the ones who have the power to fill them or not and to give power and take it away, so apply it,” was the Mexican’s advice to the followers of the Puerto Rican composer.


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