“People who earn their living pay it double”: Aurélie Dotremont’s rant about money

Aurélie Dotremont, who has moved away from the world of reality TV, has ranted on social networks by evoking prejudices about money, she who claims to have won a lot in the past. The young woman, who has never had outside help, wanted to warn the pierced baskets …

Aurélie Dotromont is no longer the same woman as ten years ago. Revealed by reality TV, especially in the Angels, an adventure that she also shared with Nabilla, the ex-candidate with a strong character now wants to protect herself, and has chosen to move away from film sets. Exhausted by her inner demons, Aurélie Dotremont had been transparent about her fight against bulimia, which she concealed during the recordings of her shows. “Everyone was aware. I was just asking that they don’t talk to me about it, that they don’t make a big deal out of it. Of course, when there was an argument in the kitchen, I avoided getting in line with the cameras with my ten packets of crisps and my twenty chocolate bars.“, she confided in the columns of Public.

Last December, the 31-year-old young woman openly spoke of her desire to start a family in a post on Instagram, alongside her companion, a baby in her arms. “I’m having a lot of trouble getting pregnant, I’m not ovulating. When I see us like this my heart hurts and I would so much like it to be our turn, for it to be our mini you and me“, she had written. The assassination of her sister, the tensions with her father, the cosmetic surgery … Aurélie Dotremont regularly confided in her injuries, her doubts and her regrets. This Tuesday, January 18, it is on the money that she chose to reveal the bottom of her thought, she who affirms not to start from nothing.

“The state takes more than half”

I’m jealous of people who live with their parents, who have nothing to pay, who don’t have taxes or who are helped by mom and dad. I swear I never had help from anywhere and I can tell you that damn life is difficult and I am one of the lucky people not to work for someone but if I have any advice for people who have no help from anyone, set aside a max because the state takes more than half“, she wrote in story Instagram. The young woman of 31 years then explained to be “fallen from above“after spending years enjoying his money.”It’s not because we make money that we are rich (…) People who earn their living pay it double“. Aurélie finally concluded her long text by advising her subscribers to be vigilant and to realize that money is fleeting.”Take care of yourself and focus more on your future than on the latest Gucci fall-winter collection (…) Do not do as I could do“. A conclusion that says a lot about the state of mind of the star.

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