Pepe Aguilar presents El Fantasma with an Antonio Aguilar suit

Pepe Aguilar He is one of the most important singers of the Mexican regional, having a strong legacy from his father Anthony Aguilar and his mother Flor Silvestre, for which he caused a stir in networks by giving him a gift to El Fantasma, the most valuable of his father.

Recently the ‘Giant of Zacatecas’ showed that he is willing to help more interpreters from the Mexican music make themselves known in the middle of the show, one of them who has helped is Alexander García, or as he is known in the entertainment world El Fantasma.

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It was through a video that began to circulate on social networks where Pepe Aguilar With emotional words, he gave El Fantasma one of the most precious and valuable objects of his father, Antonio Aguilar, for which the singer from Durango was surprised.

The emotional moment was captured on video where the interpreter of ‘For women like you’ gives Alexander one of the charro suits that belonged to Don Antonio Aguilar in life, accompanied by Angela Aguilar and Leonardo Aguilarpresent in the purest act of faith their father could have made.

During the recording, the father of the young singers addressed El Fantasma to tell him: “Mr. truth and remember that… Don Antonio would have been very happy if you kept one of his suits”.

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The famous performer ‘you promised’ He continued to explain why he gave him the most valuable thing about his father: “Because of how you are doing things, because of how you sing and what you represent. This is yours my friend.” Then she gave the suit to Alexander who was moved and thanked the gesture.

A few months ago the singers united their voices and released ‘Your slights’given the success they had, they will once again surprise their audience with ‘Teachings of the Ancients’, a song that talks about the teachings of parents to their children, humility and decent people.

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