Pepe Aguilar talks about the future of Gussy Lau in his production company after the scandal with Ángela | Famous

Gussy Lau was one of the authors with whom the Aguilar family worked, some of the themes of his authorship are Angela’s hits. After the controversy that arose with the leaking of the photos where they appear very affectionate, Pepe spoke of his future in his record company Machin and Equinoccio Records.

“At the time my record company will give a statement or not referring to that particular artist”, he forcefully told the program ‘Ventaneando’ this May 12.

How have they taken the Angela scandal in the Aguilar family?

Pepe Aguilar was also questioned about the feelings of his daughter Ángela when facing his first controversy and how they have treated the subject at home: “This is a family situation and as a family you have to fix“.

He added that with social networks any type of information can become a “trending topic” even if it is not true, so they must know how to cope with the situation: ” It’s part of the game, but also at a certain moment because we are a family beyond that. I love my children and we are human, so you have to take things humanely.”

Pepe Aguilar could tell what happened between Ángela and Gussy Lau

The Mexican regional singer stressed that if the time comes later he could talk about the incident, although he was clear in saying that it is a purely family issue.

“Nobody in the public cares how I fix my family […] Maybe it will happen later that we have a talk for the public only because we are public figures and for better or for worse we influence many people […] The laundry is washed at home“, he sentenced in ‘Ventaneando’.

How is Ángela Aguilar after the scandal with Gussy Lau?

In an interview with Despierta América this morning, Pepe Aguilar said that Ángela it’s fine and he feels calmWell, you know your daughter.

“I know who my daughter is, I love her, I adore her and I love her. She is a star who has a lot of light, she is an artist who has her whole life ahead of her and definitely everyone learns from things that happen, she is a girl, she is 18 years old“he told Alan Thatcher.

“What you want is the well-being of your children and you never want them to cry, suffer, or go through unpleasant situations in their lives. […] You have to have experience to know how to handle the things in life that confront you,” he concluded in the morning.