Pepe Aguilar tells Ángela not to sing a Caliber 50 song

The Aguilar family has always been something to talk about in the world of entertainment, especially for its great talent for interpreting Mexican music. Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre left an important legacy that is now Pepe Aguilar and their children are in charge.

It was on a Mexican night that they lived in 2020 that Pepe Aguilar asked his daughter not to sing the song of 50 caliber, ‘Aguaje activated’, and the fact is that the whole family was enjoying a very Mexican event, but the singer did not like the interpretation of his little offspring.

The images of the video that Pepe Aguilar shared through Youtube They have caused a stir, as many users and the media took up this part of the video as an important topic, since he told his daughter that it sounded strange.

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Let us remember that the exponent of mariachi has always led the career of his children to stardom, now Ángela and Leonardo are looking for a way to start their trajectory solo, supported by the owner of the hit ‘Por mujeres como tu’.

Pepe Aguilar tells Ángela not to sing a Caliber 50 song. Photo: Facebook

Surely your children learned perfectly all about the love and passion of Mexican music and the pride of standing on a stage and performing with mariachi and band.

Without a doubt, the patriarch of the Aguilars in these images caught his attention and told them that he will not sing the verse “I bring girls in my truck to cigars”, emphasizing that it is the authorship of his friend Eden Munozbut in her daughter’s voice she heard this topic strangely.

After her father stopped her in her tracks Angela Aguilar she just laughed, although her mother Aneliz Álvarado also agreed that she looked strange singing that song, comparing it to the privileged voice she has.

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The famous dynasty is one of the ones that gives the most content on social networks, because they always have a lot of activity and are sharing with all their fans the details of their day to day, that is why they are the most loved and besieged, they have earned a place privileged within the world of the Internet.

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