Pepillo Origel defended Eduardo Verástegui against accusations of fraud: “The only thing they do is destroy”

(Photos: IG @juanjoseorigel/@eduardo verastegui
(Photos: IG @juanjoseorigel/@eduardo verastegui

Eduardo Verástegui was recently accused of allegedly scamming various celebrities such as Emmanuel, alexander ach Y Gilberto Gless. Given this, John Joseph Originel better known as pickle, exploded again before the cameras of his TV channel Youtube Y he fervently defended his friend.

It all started when the entertainment journalist, Javier Ceriani spoke with the media TVNotes To say that carried out an investigation where it supposedly would show that Edward and his family they would be enriching themselves with money collected from donations for altruistic purposes.

“We carried out an entire investigation with a route that took us to Eduardo Verástegui and his foundation, Manto de Guadalupe, and we find that he has the same modus operandi as that of a scammer”Ceriano said.

Eduardo Verástegui has caused all kinds of controversies (Photo: File)
Eduardo Verástegui has caused all kinds of controversies (Photo: File)

In this sense, the communicator added that the actor allegedly created a foundation called Manto de Guadalupe, the Guadalupe Center Medical Clinic and an app called Tatatu. Likewise, he said that not only was Eduardo involved in the apparent illicit activities, but also several members of his family.

“Many (donations) are used to pay private cell phone bills, but how are you going to have a salary with 60 percent of the collection or pay for a cell phone with donations from an association that no longer works? he is incurring many sins and crimes, this is not what he preaches, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” Ceriani said.

He asks all his victims for 500 thousand dollars, they have not seen their money back. Everything is documented by witnesses who have been affected, most of them have given us transaction documents that they did to this man

It was before these accusations that Juan José Origel did not remain silent and from his channel of Youtube he condemned the mistreatment of someone so dear to him.

Pepillo said again that he wants to withdraw from the media (Instagram: @juanjoseorigel / @perakisoto)
Pepillo said again that he wants to withdraw from the media (Instagram: @juanjoseorigel / @perakisoto)

I didn’t like how Eduardo Verástegui was treated, I don’t like it at all. He is a great friend of mine, for many years, he is a good boy and they are calling him a scammer, asking for donations, who is a wolf in black sheep’s clothing, “he began.

Also, the driver Ear He stated that people had no right to make such comments about Eduardo and confessed the advice he gave the artist.

“How dare they talk about someone who has done so much good, I talked to Eduardo and told him: ‘Don’t give explanations, you go on with your business and that’s it. What is it going to matter to you, let them talk. But hey, how lazy I get to talk about everything and those people that nothing else the only thing they do is destroy”.

Given this scenario, it was gherkin reiterated his intentions to withdraw from the media, Well, he added that it is a world that has become something very negative.

“That’s why I say I want to retire, It’s not the shows anymore like when I was there, not anymore, now it’s just people who are just screwing, because that’s what it is, screw the next one (…) I treated the best stars and treated them as they deserved. From a María Félix, a Silvia Pinal. One treated them with respect, but not anymore, now it’s ch * ngale this one, ”she sentenced.


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