Pepillo Origel exploits and defends Verástegui

Pepillo Origel assures that he wants to withdraw from the artistic medium.

Since a time ago, Juan Jose ‘Pepillo’ Origel He has commented in various spaces that he no longer knows the new celebrities and that he dislikes what the shows have become. On his YouTube channel, he exploded when talking about it and made his position very clear.

Origel released a video where he first defended Eduardo Verástegui and then he let off steam.

“I did not like how they treated Eduardo Verástegui, I do not like it at all. He is a great friend of mine, for many years, he is a good boy and they are calling him a scammer, asking for donations, which is a wolf in sheep’s clothing “.

“How dare they talk about someone who has done so much good!”, he said, and shared that he advised Verástegui: “I spoke with Eduardo, I told him ‘Don’t give explanations, you continue with yours and that’s it. What’s going to happen to you? matter, let them talk.”

And he confessed: “But hey, how lazy I am to talk about everything and about those people who do nothing but destroy,” Origel said in reference to those who have spread that information.

“That’s why I say I want to retire, it’s not the shows anymore like when I was, not anymore, now it’s just people who are nothing else screwing up, because that’s what it is, screwing others.”

Origel commented: “I treated the best stars and treated them as they deserved, from a María Félix, a Silvia Pinal. One treated them with respect but now not anymore, now it’s fuck this one.”

And about what is said about him, he assured: “I don’t care mother, I for myself, throw me what you want, that if I walked with this one, with the other, invent what you give your gift wins. I don’t care anymore at this point in the game. It feels horrible all these stories they invent. ”