Per Gessle brings Roxette back under a new name «

Per Gessle wants to continue the golden days. “An era is over. Another is born.”

12:03 p.m., March 23, 2022


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"Es ist unmöglich, Marie zu ersetzen, und das war niemals meine Absicht", erklärte Gessle. Die Roxette-Ära sei eine unglaubliche gemeinsame Zeit gewesen, und er freue sich darauf, diese Reise auf andere Art und Weise fortzusetzen. Eine erste Single von PG Roxette soll nun bereits im Mai veröffentlicht werden, ein ganzes Album Mitte September. Auch eine Tournee ist in Planung, auf der neben der neuen Musik , imagePathAltText=Bild: APA/HERBERT PFARRHOFER, channelBean=null, externId=-1, wordCount=194, author=, currentMpliLockRuleListStr=::, tags=, imageSource=null, blendleTier=, displayDate=Wed Mar 23 12:03:00 CET 2022, popupSizeY=0, popupType=, linkUSVTList=[], mpliId=-1, popupSizeX=0, link=, breadcrumbOverwrite=0, title=Per Gessle bringt Roxette unter neuem Namen zurück, watchList=5, displayDateStr=23.03.2022 12:03, blendleJwtToken=, lines=0, teaserShort=Per Gessle will an die goldenen Zeiten anknüpfen. "Eine Ära ist vorbei. Eine andere ist geboren.", class=class at.beit.common.articlelist.ArticleVO, channelId=0, createDate=Wed Mar 23 12:03:00 CET 2022, blendleEnabled=false, policyAgencyId=481, createDateStr=23.03.2022 12:03, layoutId=-1, masterChannelId=-1, imagePathText=Will neu durchstarten: Per Gessle / Bild: APA/HERBERT PFARRHOFER, channelName1=null, changeUser=schafferhofer, displayTimeStr=12:03, channelName=null, createUser=schafferhofer, linkType=, ranking=0, automaticLead=0, changeDateStr=23.03.2022 12:12, kicker=Comeback, newstickerStatus=0, teaser=Per Gessle will an die goldenen Zeiten anknüpfen. "Eine Ära ist vorbei. Eine andere ist geboren."} -->

Wants to start again: Per Gessle © APA/HERBERT PFARRHOFER

Roxette is followed by PG Roxette: With a new band project, Per Gessle wants to continue the golden days with his deceased music partner Marie Fredriksson. “An era is over. Another is born,” said the Swedish musician on Facebook late Tuesday evening. Gessle’s initials are now in front of the original band name, and Helena Josefsson and Dea Norberg, who had long been part of the inner circle during the Roxette era, join the band as singers.

“It’s impossible to replace Marie and that was never my intention,” explained Gessle. The Roxette era was an incredible time together and he looks forward to continuing that journey in a different way. A first single by PG Roxette is now scheduled to be released in May, and a full album in mid-September. A tour is also being planned, on which old Roxette pieces will also be heard alongside the new music.

Marie Fredriksson died on December 9, 2019 at the age of 61 after her long battle with cancer. With her, Gessle had formed the Swedish pop duo Roxette since the mid-1980s and celebrated global success together with songs like “The Look”, “Listen To Your Heart” and “It Must Have Been Love”.

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