Perfusion and hospital bed: A photo of Christine Kelly worries internet users!

Christine Kelly is obviously not in her best shape right now. The CNews journalist had indeed shared particularly alarming news through her Instagram account. From what we were able to discover, the latter had been forced to go to the hospital after having a fright. Without having given all the details of his hospitalization, this emblematic figure of the world of French media had declared that a state of fatigue was hiding behind. Remember that her work represents absolutely everything for her. A professional conscience that had allowed her to gradually climb the ladder until she reached the position where she is today.

A busy career

Having started her career in Guadeloupean media, Christine Kelly had worked as a host at Archipel 4 in 1992. At the same time, she hid behind the voice that was broadcast on K’Danse FM radio. It was only two years later that she took up the position of presenter in the RFO group. It was not until 1996 that this journalist of Guadeloupe origin joined the metropolis where she began by following a training course at the national audiovisual institute. Then aged 27, she was the source of many reports broadcast on France 3. At the same time, she worked with the political department of RFO. A few years later, Christine Kelly officially joined LCI where she held the position of journalist from 2000 to 2009.

Christine Kelly’s notoriety had soared to the level of the public that it had opened new doors for her. This is the reason why she had joined the CSA without having applied. Her nomination, she owed it mainly to Gérard Larcher who was the president of the Senate at the time. She only left this institution in 2018, after which she was at the animation of Face à l’info. Having recently published her book entitled Libertés sans expression, she confided in our colleagues at Le Parisien in relation to the death threats she received. A situation that she does not understand precisely given that, basically, she was persecuted within the framework of her functions as a journalist.

An unbearable situation for Christine Kelly

As a reminder, Christine Kelly could no longer walk around without a bodyguard since she received these famous death threats. A situation which, according to her, was simply inadmissible insofar as it was part of her fundamental freedoms. She did not hesitate to declare that the mere presence of these people intended to guarantee her safety was the symbol of the non-respect of freedom of expression. It is also according to her as if she were ultimately imprisoned in a golden prison since she no longer really has the right to an intimate life worthy of the name.

In the name of what Christine Kelly should be protected? She herself ignores it. One thing is certain, she will have to deal with it and the stress caused by this situation must have something to do with the fact that she was recently hospitalized because of fatigue. Fortunately, the situation seems under control for the journalist who will most certainly be able to return home in the next few hours. That is all the harm we wish him. While waiting to hear from him, we already wish him a speedy recovery.