“Perhaps the only one…”: Alice Taglioni’s disturbing confession about her career

In an interview with Elle magazine on Thursday July 7, 2022, actress Alice Taglioni spoke frankly about her acting career so far. In particular, she took a lucid look at the roles offered to her.

If many people know her mainly as being journalist’s companion Laurent DelahousseAlice Taglioni is above all a talented actress, who has had an impressive filmography since the beginning of her career. It was in the early 2000s that the actress got her first rolesin fiction such as: PJ and Life ahead of us, Frank Riva, Adventure and Associates and Eloise Rome’s Investigations. Thereafter, Alice Taglioni will manage to make a name for herself in the cinema, by chaining the roles in The Heart of Men, Lies and betrayals and more if affinities…, The Knights of Heaven and The Cacti.

Endowed with a rather adventurous physique, the actress mainly embodies characters of tall, seductive, authoritarian blondes…, in short, stereotyped. This was particularly the case in the cult comedy Liningwhere she lends her features to a supermodel marching in particular for the late Karl Lagerfeld. After more than 20 years of career, Alice Taglioni has developed a certain “aversion“for this kind of character, which she no longer wishes to interpret from now on. She is also wary of possible seductive relationships between actresses and directors, as she explained in an interview with the magazine. She Thursday, July 7, 2022.

Alice Taglioni: “I can’t thank director Julie Lopes-Curval enough”

If there is any ambiguity it blocks me. And then all these value judgments annoy me. I would like to be picked up without a second thought. I can’t thank director Julie Lopes-Curval enough for choosing me to play a girl who works in a supermarket, then finds herself in the depths of Auvergne raising cows, in the TV movie The announcement on art. It was the first time anyone really looked at me. And maybe the only one“, underlined Alice Taglioni. Today aged 45, the actress no longer approaches her profession with the same carelessness as when she started out.”It was only a few years after my debut that I felt the need to really work on my roles and explore them in depth. This job, I now experience it much more intensely than before. I want every shoot to be a total investment“, said the actress.