“Perhaps they did not imagine seeing me like this”: Daniela Álvarez shows her new reality with an emotional video and message after injuring her right foot due to lack of sensitivity | People | Entertainment

The days of Daniela Álvarez have been a challenge for two years. A life story surrounds the former Miss Colombia who lost her left leg after suffering ischemia that caused circulation to be cut off through her lower limb, and having amputation as the only possibility to continue living.

And without any intention of stopping in the face of adversity, the young influencer continues determined to achieve more goals and projects. And in that journey she became a businesswoman by opening a boutique that marks the beginning of a new venture.

Recently, on March 22, she shared that the excess of walking on her vacation in Ecuador caused an unexpected and considerable injury to her right foot that has no sensitivity, leaving her in a wheelchair until she regains normalcy in the wound that bled. .

This is the life of Daniel Álvarez that he faces with total resilience

As reported by El Tiempo newspaper, the influencer is an example of resilience that invites us to face obstacles with another perspective. From her Instagram account, the beautiful young woman demonstrates how adversity can be overcome by taking the positive side of all situations.

In 2011, her country cheered her on with pride by being her representative in Miss Universe and now, her followers are the ones who receive messages of improvement from the new Daniela Álvarez, beautiful and brave.

Each challenge is a story for the model who shares these experiences on her networks, making it clear that her condition is not a limit to not continue.

And as part of a new content, he left a publication full of much reflection in which he tells about his new reality, the one that lives with a disability and showing that it is possible to get ahead.

Before the amputation of her leg, Daniela showed how she moves around her residence in order to rest her stump.

“Today I want to ask you that before criticizing your life, observe that of others. Today I want to tell you that there are many things that may be difficult for you, that make you sad, worn out, tired, but it is not as serious as it seems, “she said at the beginning of a thoughtful message.

In the publication, she included a video that shocked many of her fans, seeing her moving in a light aluminum chair with four wheels, in which she moves through the different areas of her house carrying her modern prosthesis and using her foot to propel her walk.

Daniela Álvarez looked very simple and relaxed, wearing peach-colored shorts with animal print details and a black hooded top, as well as a bandana in her hair that she wore with a gathered tail.

Thus he showed himself as he had never done, recognizing that moment. “Perhaps they did not imagine seeing me like this, in a chair pushing me with my right foot. Sometimes I have to rest my stump of the prosthesis and thus I am able to mobilize”, she said honestly and teaching that everything is possible if you want to achieve your life goals.

“This is my new reality, the one I face every day with love and resilience, reminding me that my life is complete if I have God in my heart,” he said to conclude his emotional words.

The public that follows her supported her with two messages of solidarity and full of positivism.

“You are a woman to admire, very brave my Dany, what a beautiful reflection”

“Thank you for so much inspiration. You are a warrior! Blessings always for you”

“Dani! Thank you for inspiring us with so much love and courage.”

“You are an extraordinary human being… admirable, exemplary and without a doubt with a great mission in this world. You came to teach that there are no limitations when you want. I admire you with all my heart, God bless you.” (AND)

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