Peru Central Festival: More than 40 artists in an event that will take place this July 29 and 30 Huancayo Music Farándula RMMN | PEOPLE

In recent years, Huancayo’s music scene has grown considerably. So much so that on July 29 and 30 the Central Peru Festivalan event that will set a precedent for national music, since it has confirmed the presence of more than 40 national and international artists.

Within the first day (July 29) will be present bands like Bandalos Chinos (Ar), Gativideo (Ar), 1915 (Ar) The Tsar (Ar), Ruzzi (Mx), La Garfield (Mx), Gala Brie, Radamantium, Cristina Valentina, Isla de Caras (Ar), Indigo, Naia Valdéz, Indigo, Modulated Attitude, Alejandro and María Laura, among others.

For the second round of presentations (July 30) they will play He Killed a Motorized Police (Ar), The Minor Leagues (Ar), Blood Burns (Ar), Drugs (Cl), Laser Rays (Ar), Neither Voice nor Vote, Gaia, Smoking’ Pipe Band, Pooow!, Santa Madero, Los Yacks, Andrea Martinez and more. In addition, the festival will have a space for the sale and exhibition of various independent brands, activations and more.


Festival Perú Central was created with the aim of contributing to a true artistic decentralization in the country. It appears as a new alternative that will allow the opening of a new and important place for national and international artists in the central highlands of Peru.

“The issue of decentralization must be global and art is no exception. For this reason, we want to take the first step so that Huancayo and other places in the country, and why not abroad, can enjoy this event. Definitely, we are happy to bring together so many bands from different countries within the same concept”pointed out Janet Amaya of the production team.

“Achieving this type of decentralization is not an easy task, we start from the hypothesis that the current centralism that exists in this country has historical roots both economically and culturally, etc. it is because of that we must open our own limits to promote and support artistic and cultural production in our countryhe added about it.


This first edition of the Central Peru Festival will take place at the Mariscal Castilla Stadium, on July 29 and 30, 2022. Tickets are on sale now in limited stock; In addition, the general sale at full prices is made through the ticket counter.

For ticket sales and for more information about the event, just click HERE. The Peru Central Festival will be a safe space for everyone, so all biosafety protocols established for holding massive events during these national holidays will be complied with.


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