Peru has talent: Ricardo Morán is overweight and weighs 110 kilos despite gastric sleeve VIDEO Farándula RMMN | PEOPLE

An overweight young man arrived from Iquitos to surprise the jury of “Peru has talent”but before captivating with his powerful voice, the contestant had a moving conversation with Ricardo Morán.

It turns out that the participant revealed that he had many insecurities before stepping on the Latina stage and especially because of his overweight, a condition that Morán has had to battle for many years of his life.

“Like you, I have been overweight all my life and sometimes people don’t notice it because I know how to disguise it very well. I even weighed 114 kilos and was with morbid obesity. Sometimes I do a lot of exercise and many diets and I understand perfectly what you go throughRichard said.

“At one point I had gastric sleeve surgery and I empathize with you. It may seem like we don’t go through those problems, but we do.”he added.

Ricardo Morán ended up confessing that he currently does not feel comfortable with his body because “nothing remains.”

“As you see me, today I am weighing almost 110 kilos, with nothing left and without feeling comfortable with myself… the fact that you are standing here means a lot to people who have a problem like yours and mine ”, concluded.

Finally, the young man managed to convince the jury of “Peru has talent” with his prodigious voice and went on to the next stage of the program.


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