Peru vs Australia: Yaco Eskenazi sure that Peru will beat Australia in the playoff with two goals from “Lapadula and Cueva” | playoff | Qatar 2022 | RMMN | PEOPLE

The host of the Sunday program ‘In this kitchen, I’m in charge’, Yaco Eskenazi released his score for this Monday’s match in Qatar, where the Peruvian team will face the Australian, in a decisive duel, since the last pass is played to World Cup Qatar 2022.

The team is going very well, in the previous match the opposing team was intense and pressed a lot, it is not true that New Zealand does not play anything, and Peru knew how to respond and won. I’m happy because the national team maintains that hierarchy of winning games that are important”, said Yaco Eskenazi.

Australia arrives with all the energy, with high spirits, they just won, but Peru already has experience in playoffs because one has already been won, and that is very important, besides, as I said, we Peruvians arrived well”, he added.

But that was not all. Thanks to his experience as a soccer player, he was in the minor division of the Alianza Lima soccer club, then he played in ‘América Cochahuayco’, Sport Boys and Deportivo Municipal, he was encouraged to give his score.

My score is 2-0 in favor of Peru, with goals from (Gianluca) Lapadula and (Christian) Cueva. And I am going to shout those goals with all my heart, I am already very excited to shout, ‘Peru is in the World Cup‘”, held.

Yes, I would plan my trip, I want to go to Qatar with my son Liam, who is a soccer fan, to support the Peruvian national team. I want him to experience what it means to be in a World Cup, and for me it would also be the first time”, he added.

due to party Peru vs. Australia‘In this kitchen, I’m in charge’ has guests, Marilu Blanco, Miguel Araujo’s mother, and Mary Julia Flowers, mother of Yoshimar Yotún. They will be accompanied by Juan Carlos Orderique and Andrés Salas, respectively, to face off in a pot and pan war. This edition will be seen this Sunday at 7 pm.


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