Pesero show, the reality show that will take artists to the streets of CDMX – El Sol de México

How would you react if, on any given day, walking down Walk of the Reformationat the height of Angel of Independence you will find Chayanne?, or what would you do if you were in the downtown coyoacan you had the opportunity to witness a free show of Maneskin?

Well, this will be possible thanks to Pesero Showa new program in which different celebrities will get on a truck, very similar to those of the public transport and, in addition to sharing personal stories, they will take a tour of different parts of Mexico City, both in esplanades, canteens or dance halls, even simply singing inside the moving vehicle.

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Chayanne, Matisse, Kenia Os, Camilo, Ha Ash, Gera Mx and Måneskin They will be the ones that adorn seven of the eight chapters available as of this January 26, for Amazon Musicall under the leadership of Pame Voguel.

“We wanted to find a way to connect artists of international stature with Mexico and by doing this exercise with the team we came up with a phrase that is the one that governs this project: how do we help our artists who visit Mexico or the artists who are in Mexico to be chilangos for a day, but Mexicans for life?”, he stated in an interview Paul Forat, Head of Amazon Music in Mexico.

“This is how the project was born, I go with Roberto López, President of sonymusic Mexico, I proposed to develop this plan and it generated an immediate emotion because he understood in depth the benefit that we could give to the artists and above all to the people of making a product like this”, added Forat.

The whereabouts of peseros will be part of the locations of the program; his goal was to show a different side of Mexico that even national artists are still unaware of, Forat said.

“The first challenge was to explain the concept to the artists since there were no references to tell them what it was about, the internationals did not know the terms ‘pesero’ or ‘chilango’, commented the vice president of marketing of Sony Music MexicoAna Villacorta.

“Once the barrier of explanation is overcome, artists They understood it very well, I think this project breathes magic, honesty and truth. They have the opportunity to show themselves to their Mexican audience in a different way and to become Mexican forever, they really loved it,” added Villacorta.

The program will include different sections, where they will make the guests sing, as well as challenge them to different tests, even surprising them through a direct dynamic with their fans.

“There was a pre-established script and well-defined logistics, but we decided to risk doing new, different things. For example, in a chapter where it appears Chayanne We had to pass near the Ángel, he was going to open the truck window and greet the quinceañeras (who take photos at that monument) and we would leave, but suddenly, on the way, we suggested that the Ángel get off; the security man and his manager refused at first, but he accepted; he understood what the project was about. All the chapters have that magic of unpredictable things and planned things,” he commented. Forat.

The work will be in conjunction with the radio stations Los 40 Principales and La Ke Buena, thanks to the alliance with Julio César Ramírez, Director of Musical Broadcasts in Televisa Radio.

“Music is being consumed much faster, there is a lot of co-production and that is what we are doing here, co-producing the program.

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“It is true that, in addition to the production elements that have been put on the table, we are going to carry out a campaign with the stations that will cover the Mexican republic. In terms of music we have to do that, provoke experiences, that is what is happening now”, said Ramírez.

The audiovisual content will be available on the channel Amazon Music YouTube. Every 15 days they will release a new chapter and they do not rule out a second season.