Pete Davidson and Scott Disick spend a night ‘of partying’

Pete Davidson and Scott Disick have agreed to go out together. This past weekend, Pete “stole” Scott’s cell phone and uploaded several ‘stories’ recounting the “crazy night” they were having, along with a few friends. Okay, aside: after reading these lines, what is a crazy night between these two for you?

Although you remember, above all, in the first seasons of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, Scott was a person who loved going out to parties and who on many occasions was so out of phase that he created great conflicts in his relationship with Kourtney. Much “it has rained” since then – now Scott is the father of three children that he shares with Kourtney – and although we will always remember him with a quite festive predisposition, today he has lowered the intensity of that desire he always had for a good party.

For this reason, a crazy night with Pete Davidson, as much as it has been framed that way, could well be what it really was: all the friends asleep on the sofa, and in the background the movie ‘The King of Comedy’. This is, at least, how Pete documented it, much to the surprise of fans:

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As you can see, Pete, the only one who was awake, mocks the friends and with a bored expression shows us what “crazy nights” mean now, both for Scott and for himself.

Additional fact: the fact that both go out together shows that Scott is still very attached to the Kardashian-Jenner family, something that seems quite remarkable to fans, considering his shady history and the last slip in relation to Kourtney and Travis ( those comments he made with her ex through some DMs he sent her, it seems that he has forgiven them?).

We will keep reporting.

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