Pete Davidson beefs up his security after Kanye West threats

  • All the celebrity couples that 2021 has left us.
  • A complete ‘timeline’ of the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.

    The triangle formed by Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West never ceases to amaze us. Ever since Ye explained his reasons for Kim getting back together with him, there have been several somewhat awkward episodes that make it clear that the confrontation between these two will take time to disappear. Among them is that they are now neighbors, Kanye’s new relationship with Julia Fox about which Kim also spoke out, or problems at his daughter Chicago’s birthday (which Kanye supposedly was not told to attend).

    While all these things were happening, Kim Kardashian was enjoying her new romance with Pete Davidson, whom we see more and more excited. The last? Kanye dedicates a few words to them (and not very nice ones) on their latest song ‘Eazy’.

    “God saved me from the accident to beat Pete Davidson’s ass“Yes, Ye mentions it directly in his last song. A bit shady, right? Well, these are some of the words that have led to Pete Davidson has decided to beef up his security.

    According to a source close to ‘RadarOnline’, Kim’s current boyfriend fears Kanye’s fans more than Kanye himself. “His fans listen to his songs and act on them. That’s why Pete is now wearing extra security.”, continues the source. In addition, he assures that being mentioned in a rapper’s song was something he already expected and that instead of making him feel bad, it produces the opposite.

    Being Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend has made Pete’s fame go to another level, which is why I already had security when I went with her. Now, he has decided to have reinforcements for when he goes solo too, better safe than sorry!

    A second source for ‘RadarOnline’ revealed that “he respects Kanye as he is still the father of Kim’s children and that’s important. Pete will never get in the way of any of that.”

    We hope that Kanye’s latest song does not have any kind of consequence and remains simply an anecdote, and now? What will be the next drama with which they will surprise us?

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