Pete Davidson: Trauma therapy for Kanye West

Reality TV Star Kim Kardashian and the comedian Pete Davidson have separated according to US media reports. The couple ended the relationship last week because their busy schedules made it “very difficult to maintain a relationship,” the entertainment medium reported, among other things E! news on Friday (local time), citing the two sources close to them. Davidson spent part of the summer filming in Australia.

Pete Davidson in therapy for Kanye West bullying?

41-year-old billionaire Kardashian began dating 28-year-old Saturday Night Live star Davidson in late 2021. They made this public in March, around the same time that Kardashian was divorcing the rapper KanyeWestgraduated.

Now rumors are circulating that there is another reason for the Kardashians to be in love with Davidson – namely Kanye West, who is known to have made life anything but easy for the ex-couple. In the course of his ex-wife’s relationship with the US comedian, the rapper had repeatedly spread nasty rumors about him. It was said that West would believe that his ex-wife and Davidson’s relationship was not real, but a staged fake. Noisy Sun The musician is also said to have mocked Kardashian’s friend’s clothing style. The fashion-forward US star has told his pals that Davidson is “wearing the worst clothes ever” that look like he’s buying his outfit at the “mall”.