Petition calling for Kanye to be removed from Coachella reaches 28,000 signatures

While the very famous Coachella festival will take place from April 15 to 24 in Indio (California), a petition aimed at banning Kanye West from going on stage already has 28,000 signatures.

It is on the site that the American Caramello Marie took the initiative to launch this movement.

“We have been watching Kanye harass, manipulate and hurt Kim, Pete and others for over a year now. No one seems to want to stand up to him, and those who do, he puts them in the spotlight too. More recently, he threatened to inflict bodily harm on others. It is ridiculous that he is allowed to do so freely. Coachella (along with other brands that still work with him) should be ashamed of themselves and shouldn’t give him more exposure.”

Already yesterday, Ye was banned from the Grammy Awards ceremony scheduled for April 3 in Las Vegas in the United States. And the consequences of his inappropriate behavior towards his ex-wife Kim Kardashian do not stop there. While he was restricted on Instagram for 24 hours, the social network reserved the right to take further action regarding his account in the event of further violations of their rules regarding bullying, hate and harassment.

The rapper has been at the heart of heated controversy since his divorce from Kim Kardashian. Separated for several months, the two celebrities are talking a lot about them, and for good reason. While Kim Kardashian seems to have the perfect love affair with artist Pete Davidson, for Kanye West things don’t seem so simple.

Coachella organizers have yet to speak to the petition. For the moment, Kanye West is therefore still headlining the festival alongside Billie Ellish and Harry Styles.