Phoenix Guerrero son of Yuridia and his lying corridos

There is no doubt that lying corridos are hitting hard in the Mexican regional, however, it is phoenix warriorson of Yuridia who surprised by standing out in that genre, at just 13 years old he destroyed Nathanael Cano.

And it is that the teenager was surprised when it became known that he is the son of the famous singer from La Academia, but ultimately what left the Hermosillon audience stunned is that instead of entering with pop music as she launched with the lying down.

It was just a month ago phoenix warrior It became known more formally with the release of its first single titled ‘Son of’in which he wanted to make it clear that he does not seek to be recognized by the name of his parents but by his talent and wants his name to be remembered.

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In several of the stanzas you can hear: “I shut up all those who didn’t think I would do it, and if they don’t want to, don’t go see me, being the son of someone like that they were going to do it, I’m nothing important but you are going to see what I am made of and what I am going to do (…) I am not the son of such a person that you listen to and I will not be as you want or produce either, get smarter, I have a name, I am here to get him out of mine.”

The 13-year-old mentions in another part of the song that he did not listen to his parents but let them see where he is, showing that if he puts his mind to it he can go far in the regional mexican and without help from former academics.

Yuridia’s son launches himself with lying corridos and destroys Nathanael Cano. Photo: Instagram

On the other hand, in the comments he already managed to have a good number of followers, assuring that he destroyed Natanael Cano at his young age and much success awaits him with the lying corridos, without the need for help from his mother Yuridia or his father.

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Some Internet users appreciated his humility and not wanting to hang on to the fame of his parents, for which they predicted great potential for him, because although he has not released new material, it is expected that he will soon surprise with something new that he is working on, either completely regional Mexican or a mix with the urban genre.

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