PHOTO – Albert II: magical getaway to Disneyland Paris for the twins, but without Charlene

Prince Albert II was in Paris this Friday, May 13, and took the opportunity to bring his children to Disneyland. Despite her recent return to the media scene, Charlene was not present for this family outing.

The news was shared by the Spanish media Readings. the Prince Albert II went, with his twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, 7, to Disneyland Paris, this Friday, May 13, three years after their first visit to the park. The regent took advantage of a discreet getaway to please his children, but in the photos published by Readings, no trace of Charlenetheir mom. Having just returned to the media scene, after long months spent in convalescence, following her infection of the ENT area, she is already on her way again.

The princess has however been present at two sporting events in recent weeks and showed that his condition had improved. On her Instagram posts, Charlene also appeared particularly happy. A member of the royal family told Page Six that they”spend every weekend in their country house. Albert fully supports Charlene and also helps her with her charities“.

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Charlene isolated from the rest of her family?

During Charlene’s first official outing, after her return, her body language intrigued expert Judi James, who deciphered it for the British media DailyMail. She noticed that the couple were keeping a distance from each other and that the phrase “pensive“Charlene Made Her Look”isolated“from the rest of his family, thrilled by the event.

Charlene looks emotionally isolated here, with a very sad expression and a pensive lookJudi James shared. In photos taken at the event, Charlene stands behind her daughter Gabriella, with her hand resting on the 7-year-old’s chest, her wedding ring clearly visible. Such a position would suggest that Charlene wants”protect and reassure Gabriella, while emphasizing her role as a loving wife with her wedding ring“.

Article written in collaboration with 6Medias.

Photo credits: Claudia Albuquerque / Bestimage