PHOTO – Aurore and Jonathan (Beijing Express): the couple announces happy news

Pink notebook. It is by joining the cast of the essential M6 show, Beijing Express, that Aurore and Jonathan revealed themselves to the general public. And the least we can say is that the two lovebirds were unanimous with viewers. The reason ? Their fight against infertility carried out for many years had softened the observers. But, after several months punctuated by medically assisted procreation, Aurore had finally announced her pregnancy last June. Six months later, it is therefore the arrival of the most beautiful gift that the couple announced to their fans.

“These eight years of waiting for you were terribly long, but they undoubtedly made explode the happiness of our meeting. For all these years, we’ve been saving a little love every day to give you a torrent of it the day you the angels would lay you in our armswrote the mom and dad in the caption of an Instagram post, published this Saturday, December 31, revealing a snapshot of the little family in front of a gorgeous Christmas tree. And to add: “You had no doubt also premeditated your arrival by pointing your sweet face this December 25 with the features of your father and the sweetness of your mother. We said you would be our greatest Christmas present, you took us at our word.”

“Achilles, our son”

More satisfied than ever, Aurore and Jonathan could not make the presentations without revealing the first name of their little piece of cabbage. Achille, our son, count on us to make you grow in unlimited lovecontinued the parents, before concluding: “You are our miracle and we will thank every day and until our last breath this mystery where we find our strength. Achille Désiré Gabriel, we wish you Welcome to this world where many hearts are already ready to love you.”

Article written in collaboration with 6Médias.

Photo credits: Screenshot – M6