PHOTO Ilona Smet pregnant : she continues the sport despite her impressive baby bump

While she announced last month that she was pregnant with her first child, Ilona Smet never ceases to appear on social networks with her pretty rounded belly. David Hallyday’s daughter unveiled her baby bump in a very tight-fitting sports outfit on March 20.

Get in shape! Ilona Smet has been riding the wave of happiness since knowing she was pregnant with her first child, the fruit of her love with her companion Kamran Ahmed. The daughter of Estelle Lefébure and David Hallyday announced it on February 5, posting several photos taken in the arms of her darling on which we can discover her already very round belly. And if the young woman of 26 years has not yet revealed the gender of her toddler to her subscribers, she consoles them by flooding them with photos of her baby bump, as if to make them yearn for D-Day. All are in a hurry: discover the pretty face of her baby!

Her pregnancy is in any case going wonderfully, as she confided to our colleagues from Grazia. “We are on cloud nine”, says the mother-to-be. And to continue:I look forward. Knowing that a second heart beats in me is a special feeling, a unique experience. Like an unknown world.” So, to make time scroll faster, Ilona Smet left the pancakes-Netflix routine to indulge in more sporting Sundays.

She makes her illustrious parents happy

His forest walk, in an ultra-tight sports outfit, was an opportunity to immortalize this very special period. His video shared on March 20 was widely commented on by his loyal community, starting by his parents, who must have appreciated seeing their offspring so fulfilled. In any case, this is the message that fans of the muse of several brands wanted to convey. “Make the most of your first pregnancy, it’s so wonderful”, advises one of them, while others cover her with compliments, each nicer than the other. A breath of fresh air as beneficial as an outing in the middle of nature.