PHOTO Kamila and Noré parents for the second time : they reveal the name of their daughter

A few days after the birth of their second child, Kamila and Noré posted a first photo of the little one to reveal their daughter’s first name. The least we can say is that this one is very original.

In the eleventh and final season of Secret Story, the public discovered Kamila and Noré who had to hide that they were married. Very quickly, the couple was able to seduce viewers who continued to follow them, although they walked away from the reality TV scene after that show.

Since then, the two lovebirds have continued to share their daily lives with their subscribers. In particular to evoke key moments in their lives. Thus, the couple confirmed the arrival of their first child: a little boy named Kenan, born on May 4, 2020. Last December, Kamila and Noré announced that their clan was going to grow. But this second pregnancy was more difficult for the beautiful brunette. Despite a complicated delivery, everything went well and the young parents were finally able to hug their daughter this Wednesday, April 20, 2022. Very moved, the winner of Secret Story 11 however delivered his first impressions a few hours after the happy event.

An original first name for their daughter

After resting for a few hours, Kamila broke the silence the day after giving birth and said: “Thank you for all your messages and your love. I had a difficult birth from which I am slowly recovering. I want to take advantage of these moments of happiness, to rest, to recover (…) To experience one’s birth in the middle of Ramadan is even more special. We feel even more blessings and peace, our hearts are filled and soothed.

While waiting to find out if the baby looks like his big brother Kenan, the young parents posted a first photo with the girl this Friday, April 22, 2022. The opportunity for Kamila and Noré to introduce the little one by revealing his first name. Thus, the couple’s second child responds to the sweet first name of adria.

Moreover, this name caused a sensation among Internet users who did not hesitate to congratulate them by writing comments such as: “Omggggg welcome to the world Princess Adria”, “Congratulations on this wonder God preserve you, full of happiness” or “beautiful, congratulations to you four”. A name that did not remain secret for very long.