PHOTO: Lorena Menjívar remembers her beginnings on channel 12 with an unpublished photograph

The presenter of Noticiero Facts published an image where she is seen wearing a totally different look than the current one. Do you remember her like this?

The beautiful news presenter, Lorena Menjívar, yesterday recalled her beginnings on channel 12 and did so by sharing an unpublished image.

Through the dynamic Instagram TBT Thursday, Menjivar published part of his first photo shoot for said television station. In the image, she is seen wearing a totally different look from the current one: short blonde hair, with curls, a long green and white dress, and always thin.

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The Salvadoran announcer also said that she does not remember how old she was and did not know “how to pose” at that time.

Currently, the chalateca wears brown and longer hair, and her figure is slimmer since in recent years she has practiced bodybuilding.

Lorena Menjívar has been working for channel 12 for years, she has been the presenter of the program Hola El Salvador and Newscast Facts. Her naturalness and charisma have made her one of the most admired women on Salvadoran television, as well as on social networks, having more than 500 thousand followers on Instagram.