PHOTO Lucile (ADP 15): Jérôme’s wife FINALLY reveals the face of their daughter Capucine

Jerome and Lucile of Love is in the meadow make it a point of honor not to share the face of their daughter Capucine. But this April 25 on Instagram, the young mother decided to make a slight exception.

The great upheaval of life. It’s been two years since Lucile of season 15 of Love is in the meadow sent a letter to jerome. And history did the rest. The two candidates fell in love with Karine Le Marchand’s show and decided to move in together at the end of the program. A few months after the start of this fairy tale, Jérôme and Lucile announced that they were expecting their first child. A little girl named Capucine, of which they are completely gaga. And this summer, the couple will say “yes” in front of the Mayor. A marriage proposal that Jérôme made last Christmas. “Why wait especially? Wait for what ? We have everything we dreamed of. The love is there with the evidence that we have found a soul mate. Our parents are still alive and fit to participate in this memorable day. We can’t wait to unite”, confided Lucile on Instagram.

If lovers of Love is in the meadow are not stingy with confidences on social networks, they are always careful not to reveal the face of their little girl. A choice that the young mother had justified on Instagram. “The others do what they want! Why always look at the neighbor?? Everyone is free to choose!! We don’t have to justify ourselves for wanting to protect our child, I didn’t know that we had to be accountable to anyone”, wrote Lucile, very annoyed.

Internet users melt in front of Capucine’s face

But this Tuesday, April 25, the girlfriend of Mathieu and Alexandre allowed himself a small departure from his rule. On her Instagram account, she revealed a snapshot where she holds Capucine in her arms, his face widely visible. Except that in this portrait, the little girl was four months old! “Time passes at breakneck speed… 2 years ago I wrote to your dad at this same time of the year in full confinement… Life has spoiled me so much for the past 2 years and I could not have imagined receiving so much love and happiness by your side my loves”, confided Lucile, lulled by her memories. A photo that obviously made the happiness of Internet users. “Both are so beautiful”, “Magnificent photo”, “You can see his face!”, “She is sublime”, “She is too cute Capucine”, many of them reacted. It’s hard not to agree!

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