PHOTO – Mr. Pokora: he reveals rare family moments with his sons Isaiah and Kenna

37 years old, Mr. Pokora has built a family life in front of his fans. Having become one of the most popular artists on the music scene for nearly twenty years, has grown well since 2004. The singer, who released his last album Epicenter this November 4, shares his life with the actress and American singer, Christina Milian and they form a united family. All Isaiah’s young dadborn January 20, 2020, and Kenna, born on April 24, 2021, Mr. Pokora explains to our colleagues from the Parisian that the arrival of her two boys is a real source of inspiration: “Today, as a father and husband, there are messages that I want to convey. [L’arrivée de mes enfants] had a big impact on my personal life. It makes you wonder how to organize yourself; to chain the albums or not, to manage the tours…

If he has no trouble sharing his family life, especially the time he spends with his stepdaughter Violet Madison Nashborn of the union between Christina Milian and The-Dream, Mr. Pokora has decided to look back on his year 2022 and reveal new images to his fans. This Saturday, December 31, the 3.6 million subscribers to the singer’s Instagram account were able to discover rare moments in his life as a young dad. During this video, we see him during the opening of his dough restaurant or surrounded by Tony Parker but especially with his children and his wife. “2022 thank you for the blessings, I am grateful. We tried to send a maximum of good and beautiful waves in the universe all this year. And we will continue in 2023 with the 20th anniversary tour. Look forward to meeting you. 🙏🏼❤️“This is the message that accompanied his moments of happiness.

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Fans rejoice!

These beautiful moments delighted the many fans of the singer who encouraged him in response to his publication. “Matthieu you fully deserve everything that happens to you and your family 🥰😘😊🌞🌼…” Where “Thank you for sharing your new album with us, and your upcoming 20th anniversary tour!” can we read on the artist’s Instagram account. A tender sharing from Mr. Pokora who is already preparing for his new tour.

Article written in collaboration with 6médias.

Photo credits: Bruno Bebert / Bestimage