PHOTO – Nathalie Levy affected: the journalist finds a letter from her grandmother in a “forgotten drawer”

It is a memory dear to her heart that journalist Nathalie Levy shared on her Instagram account, this Saturday, January 7: a handwritten letterwritten in italics and signed by the hand of his grandmother Rosina. The complicit relationship but also binding that she maintained with this grandmother is precisely approached in her first work, autobiographicalentitled Courage in the heart and backpack and released in September 2020. “By opening a forgotten drawer, I find last night this little word well preserved, everything relating to you I archived it meticulously, however, I did not remember having started so early”explained the former presenter of BFMTV in the caption of the publication.

Dated November 22, 1988, this word actually goes back to twelfth birthday of the author. “1988, I was a teenager and much more concerned with boys than history-geography…”she remembered by sharing this vestige of his childhood on the social network. “You, you kept an eye on the grain, the elegant feather, your values, your strength, your tenderness, your Mini in which we rushed eagerly, this sailor dress that I will steal from you later, your watch now on my wrist, you I was there unconditionally, for the bruises, the sweets, the aches, the candles, the bursts, the dizziness, the delights and to erase the fears”she then wrote in tribute to his grandmother, who died in November 2021specifying that she would have “been 101 years old on January 2”.

“I hope I did everything I could”

“She didn’t want this hundredth candle because it was too longbecause physically it was complicatedbut she had absolutely all her head”confided Nathalie Levy, guest of the show It tonighton France 5, in last february. And to continue with tears in her eyes after she made it clear that she had it really accompanied until the last moments: “I hope I did everything I could.”

Article written in collaboration with 6Medias.