PHOTO – Nathalie Marquay meets her fans: her daughter Lou gives her a nice surprise

Almost two months after the death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, his widow, Nathalie Marquay, seems to be gradually resuming the course of her life. On Friday April 22, she was present at the Paris Book Festival for a signing session for her book I believe it.

She announced it on his Instagram account at the start of the day: “Let’s meet this day from 4 p.m. at the Grand Palais Éphémère! I will have the pleasure to sign my book ”Me, I believe in it” and to discuss with you »wrote Nathalie Marquay to the attention of its subscribers this April 22. An invitation that has not been missed a somewhat special fan, her daughter, Lou. Indeed, the young woman has obviously decided to surprise her mother by going to the Paris Book Festival. A delicate attention that she shared on Instagram, in a series of stories. “Today I surprised my mom”, she first explained before posting a photo of the book in question. After queuing, the daughter of the late Jean-Pierre Pernaut finally arrived in front of the stand occupied by the one who gave him life.

A moment that she immortalized by posting a photo of the former Miss France signing copies of I believe it, with the caption: “proud”. Thus, almost two months after the death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, his children and his wife seem to be slowly resuming their activities and the course of their lives. But difficult for Lou and Tom to grieve while managing the notoriety they gained when their father died.

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Mourning and notoriety, a difficult mix to manage


This was explained Lou on his Instagram account on April 2. At 19, a follower of the social network, she has to deal with the messages of some of her subscribers. “That’s good, you don’t seem to be hurting too much from the loss of your father!?” » she revealed, before clarifying things: “I receive these types of messages almost every day and I would like you to understand that what I show you on the network is not necessarily what I feel in real life. Sending me this kind of message only complicates my grief and I would ask you not to send me any more from now on, because it really hurts me. »

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