PHOTO of the kiss of Gael García and Bad Bunny in the movie ‘Cassandro’ is filtered

Mexico.- Bad Bunny will act again in a movie, now with gael garciawith whom he even recorded a scene from a kisswhose PHOTO leaked all over social media.

a scene of the movie “Cassandro”in which Gael García plays the eccentric ex mexican wrestlercaused astonishment because the actor appears kissing with the reggaeton singer.

This is how Gael García looks like Cassandro. Photo: Twitter

After Bad Bunny performed alongside Hollywood celebrities like Brad Pitt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Joe King in “Bullet train”; shared a filming set with the Mexican Gael García, who under the orders of the director roger ross williamstransforms into Cassandro.

Bad Bunny in a scene from “Bullet Train”. Photo: Google

In the PHOTO that went viral on social networks, Gael García and Bad Bunny appear giving each other a kiss on the mouth, since Cassandro is considered the first LGBT+ fighter who faced the stereotype of wrestling in Mexico.

Bad Bunny and Gael García star in a tremendous kiss in “Cassandro”. Photo: Instagram

Saul Armendarizknown as Cassandro, even succeeded in USAHe also went around the world with his shows under the name of Ring Cassandro.

Also called “The Exotic”, his clothing was far from what was customary in wrestling. His outfits were colorful, bright, feminine, in addition to the fact that he did not wear a mask, but put makeup on his face.

Saúl Armendáriz, better known as Cassandro. Photo: Google

In an interview, Cassandro indicated that it was difficult for others to classify him as a fighter for his image, beyond his sexual preferences.

“Cassandro” was presented at the Sundance Film Festival on January 20, but it is not yet known when it will be released in theaters, however, in specialized pages it appears that it will be this year.