PHOTO Sarah Fraisou poses in front of paintings at the Louvre Museum, Internet users knock her out

Sarah Fraisou has once again drawn the wrath of Internet users on social networks. The young woman posted on her Instagram account a photo of her posing in front of paintings at the Louvre Museum. An initiative that was very badly perceived!

You can’t please everyone. Sarah Fraisou unfortunately knows this very well since she got into reality TV. Now far from the cameras, the young woman still suffers as much from the relentlessness of Internet users on social networks. Grossophobia, mockery of his couple : the former candidate of Angels is never spared. Sometimes, however, it is his initiatives that are singled out.

The publication where she films her snake eating a live rat or her advertisement for vaginal tightening capsules caused a real outcry and a wind of controversy. So for the moment, she is trying to calm things down with sexy photos. revealing her refined silhouette or even her beauty enhancements. She also gave a little insight into her visit to a place she doesn’t usually go to: the Louvre museum ! After all, a little bit of culture, it does not hurt anyone and it calms the spirits. But not for Sarah Fraisou!

Sarah Fraisou still criticized on Instagram

Very happy to discover the sublime paintings exhibited at the Louvre, the young woman wanted to pose in front of these works. It is with one knee on the ground that Sarah Fraisou took a glamorous pose by putting her luxury bag well before it. A snapshot that she commented with the hashtags “discovery” and “culture.

Unfortunately for her, many Internet users did not share her enthusiasm at all and some were even shocked by his approach. “Fortunately being ridiculous will not kill you“, “We reach heights in this society“, “A museum is a place to be respected Madame fruits rouges, it would be a question of contemplating the works above all… I am shocked“, “But why this kind of pose in a museum?“, “Intelligence does not fly high“, “Instead of posing, educate yourself“, “We see your bag more than the paintings“, “You are lucky to be in a museum, enjoy admiring the paintings” or “Ridiculous and pathetic“, can we read in the comments. Sarah Fraisou is not about to do a little tour of the museum again.