PHOTO Sarah Lopez presents her mother: this common point that strikes internet users

Back in France, Sarah Lopez had the pleasure of finding her mother in the south of France. Moreover, she took the opportunity to present it to her subscribers through an adorable photo posted on Instagram this Monday, April 25, 2022.

These past few weeks haven’t really been the easiest of the year for Sarah Lopez. Publicly humiliated by her ex Tom Brusse, the young woman experienced a real descent into hell. Indeed, the latter approached a candidate with the same first name as her in the Spanish version of Secret Story. In addition to being left on television, the young woman received a scandalous proposal from the production in order to integrate the house of secrets after this betrayal.

During an interview with Jeremstar, Sarah Lopez made heartbreaking secrets about her discomfort after this blow. “I cried so much, it’s a nightmare what happened to me. I could never forgive him. This guy is a monster. Being left like that live is really emotional abuse. We talk a lot about femicide today and I tell myself that with what I suffered, it could have been femicide. I could have killed myself. I had a huge emotional shock (…) I hope that one day he will understand all the suffering he has caused me” she confessed.

Sarah Lopez finds her mother who she looks a lot like

Sarah Lopez was lucky to be surrounded by her loved ones during this difficult time. Living in Dubai, the influencer who launched a support forum for women victims of violence was able to find his mother. The latter came to see her for several days. If the reality TV candidate was affected by her departure, the separation was only short-lived.

As part of the veterinary appointments of the dog she has just adopted, Sarah Lopez returned to France earlier than expected. Very quickly, the young woman went to the south of France where she bought a house and where her mother lives. This Monday, April 25, 2022, the ex of Jonathan Matijas shared a snapshot with the woman of his life followed by a beautiful statement. “Thank you for being there every day. Thank you for always showing me the lioness character you have, because thanks to you I am a fighter. I love you Mom” we could read.

Moreover, many of its subscribers have pointed out the fact that they had the same look. Enough to confirm the adage: like mother, like daughter!