PHOTO Victoria Beckham poses in a dress: a physical detail challenges David Beckham

While Victoria Beckham proudly posed in a sublime dress from her new collection this Friday, March 25, David Beckham couldn’t help but tease his wife about a hilarious detail in the photo posted. A comment that particularly amused Internet users.

Now removed from football pitches, David Beckham’s favorite activity no longer involves the ball. The former sportsman likes above all to tease his wife Victoria Beckham, preferably on social networks. A sport also adopted by their children, evidenced by the publication of Brooklyn Beckham a few months ago, when he posted a selfie with his mother on which the stylist smiled toothily. “Apparently my mother can smile“, had captioned the teenager.

A publication to which David Beckham reacted, who made a hilarious comparison of his wife with a character from Friends. “How white are mom’s teeth? Looks like Ross in Friends!“, he had written.

Very teasing with his wife with whom he celebrated his 22 years of marriage last year, the former British footballer once again did it again this Friday, March 25, when Victoria Beckham had just posted a snapshot in which she poses with a dress from his next collection. “I love this dress from my spring-summer collection, it is very comfortable and yet the cut makes it so unique. The details on the back are also sublime“, wrote the mother of four children, very proud of this sublime piece.

“You’ll sleep on the couch tonight”

It was without counting on the intervention of her husband, who did not hesitate to tease her… on her feet!Why are your feet so big“, commented the former sportsman, adding a hilarious smiley. A comment that greatly amused Internet users, who also noted the impression given by the photo that the feet of the former Spice Girl are particularly long.

I love your normal couple jokes so much“, “This is such a hubby comment“, “Only a husband can say that to his wife“, “Delete the comment or you’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight“, could we read in particular. The people demand a response from Victoria!