PHOTO: Was it dangerous? Christian Nodal suffers an accident in full concert; this happened to him

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Guatemala, Guatemala.- The singer-songwriter of Sonoran origin, Christian Nodalcontinues to take to various parts of the world its ‘Outlaw Tour’, an event with which he has reunited with his followers who have played their greatest hits at full volume; however, not everything has gone smoothly during this tour.

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Recently the interpreter of bottle after bottle was in Guatemala, where before a venue at the top of its capacity, he suffered a accident that he even did not hesitate to show through social networks, worrying his fans who wonder how serious it was.

With a video of thanks, Nodal showed that his left ankle had had to be bandaged in addition to having to wear a splint, a situation that although he did not merit canceling his other eventsyes it has forced him to be more careful while on stage.

“My people from Guatemala, thank you very much for this incredible, special night,” said Nodal.

Narrating how he ended up with an ankle splint, the singer mentioned that while the event was taking place, slipped and fell abruptly; However, he did not make it clear at what time it was because none of those present at this event has released the video, which, if done, would go viral immediately.

For this reason, it is believed that Christian Nodal may have suffered this accident when he was on his way to his dressing room after concluding the concert, since at all times he was singing and moving around the stage without any affectation and, if it had happened during the concert, it would have been noticed. discomfort when walking.

Source: Instagram, TV Notes