photo with his girlfriend (Mafe Motas) and his ex-girlfriend (Xiomara Guerrero)

Egan Bernal is very happy about his new projectin addition to the advances in his recovery after the very hard accident he suffered at the beginning of the year when he was training on one of the Cundinamarca roads.

According to the Colombian cyclist, after that crash, and while he was on the recovery stretcher, in his heart was born the idea of ​​creating a team that supports young cyclists.

The Ineos runner met with who was his coach many years ago, and that continues to promote young talent, in order to start a foundation that seeks to highlight cyclists between the ages of 15 and 22. Currently, the young man who is in the team is the brother of Egan Bernal.

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Entrepreneurs from the sports environment were present at the launch and many close to the zipaquireño, since some of them will be in charge of this business.

Egan Bernal: photo with his girlfriend and his ex

During her accident, it was noted that the support of María Fernanda Motas was fundamental and he was constantly thanking her for being close, because many believed that they had finished after images of him were known at a party with other women, pointing out an alleged infidelity of which nothing more was known.

Xiomara Guerrero, Egan’s ex-partner, was also one of those who was in communication with the media from the day of the crash with the bus to give a piece of calm and clarify doubts.

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Both women seem to be supporting Egan Bernal in this project because they posed with him in the photo that will go down in history. That and other images were published by the cyclist on his Instagram account: