Photograph of Cynthia Rodríguez comes to light trying on a wedding dress

There is no doubt that Cynthia Rodríguez and Carlos Rivera are one of the couples most loved by the Mexican public, and although until a few months ago they kept their relationship quite private, for some time now they have been more open about it and even the two have expressed their desire to become parents. Now, rumors of a possible wedding have surfaced.

And it is that the host of Venga la alegría uploaded a video to her Instagram stories where she wears a presumably wedding dress, which set off alarms among her fans.

In this clip, Cynthia appears in front of a mirror in a luxurious white dress with flower details on her chest, so her followers did not hesitate to question whether it was a possible wedding.

“The masters. Visiting Víctor and Jese”, These were the words with which the driver accompanied the recording, since Rodríguez was with the designers Víctor Cabb and Jesse Martínez, who, in addition to dressing celebrities, make wedding dresses.

So far neither the singer nor the host have spoken on the subject, but fans assure that the couple could marry before having their first baby.