PHOTOS: Danna Paola’s romance uncovered at Juanpa Zurita’s sister’s wedding

Mexico.- Love was celebrated at the wedding of the sister of Juanpa Zurita, Paola and her now husband Alexander Serralde. Not only they posed for very romantic photos, but also some of their guests, as was the case with Danna Paolawho attended with her boyfriend.

the singer of “Notoriety” She has remained very hermetic about her private life, and on her social networks she only shares content related to her career in music and acting.

However, it was another celebrity who uncovered Danna Paola’s romance with a 23-year-old who is also making his way into music.

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Paola and Alejandro Serralde were married by the civilian and by the church./ Photo: Instagram

Juanpa Zurita carries her sister Paola on her wedding day./ Photo: Instagram

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Displays romantic photo of Danna Paola

One of the guests at the wedding of Juanpa Zurita’s sister was the model and actress hannah stockingwho shared on his account Instagram some photos of the couples at the party to celebrate love.

“WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING! Celebrating LOVE is what life is all about. You share such beautiful, understanding, and unconditional love that is so inspiring. We love you both!” wrote Hannah Stocking.

The newlyweds Paola and Alejandro Serralde and on the right Hannah Stocking./ Photo: Instagram

Newlyweds appear in this series of images Paola and Alejandro Serraldeas well as other couples, including Juanpa Zurita and his girlfriend, actress Macarena Achaga and Danna Paola and Alex Hoyerwho come out very close and with all the intention of ‘eating’ each other with kisses.

Juanpa Zurita and Macarena Achaga and on the right, Hannah Stocking./ Photo: Instagram

Danna Paola also shared some moments of the wedding on Instagram, and although she does appear with Alex Hoyer, the image of Hannah Stocking is the most revealing.

Danna Paola and Alex Hoyer in the photo of Hannah Stocking celebrating love./ Photo: Instagram

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