PHOTOS: Do you remember? This was Daddy Yankee’s first concert in El Salvador

A master concert! Daddy Yankee appeared at the Adolfo Pineda National Gymnasium, where he was unquestionably “the king of the night”

Lights, music, action and a lot of reggaeton, this was the long-awaited first concert of Daddy Yankee in El Salvador. The masterful event took place at the Adolfo Pineda National Gymnasium, on Friday, May 26, 2006.

According to files from El Diario de Hoy, the “King of Reggaeton” broke the gray rainy scene that San Salvador had during the week and turned it into an energetic party, where Salvadorans confirmed that the Puerto Rican was the favorite of the genre.

Before Yankee conquered the public, the Salvadoran Armand Dj was in charge of opening the 45-minute show, with mixes of hip-hop and reggaeton, the rhythms and hits of the time.

All this served to warm up the engines -already quite on fire from the large public-, which that Friday did not fail their idol.

Although Daddy made his followers suffer, because he did not go on stage; but until after 10:00 at night. The public did not stop shouting with emotion and singing his songs.

Photo/ EDH File

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When a wave of smoke arose, the image of the “King” began to be projected on the screen. Then, it began to rise to show the reggaeton monarch sitting on his silver throne and dressed in his inseparable dark glasses and a red jacket (strangely without his cap).

All this was only the beginning of his song “King Daddy”, in which he improvised lines for the “Salvadoran” public. The crowd, which numbered in the thousands, shouted, chanted and showed their joy at finally seeing the hero who created “Barrio Fino”.

16 years ago, Yankee was accompanied by five dancers and five boys, all dressed in urban fashion style (camouflage) and his show lit up the public more with pyrotechnics. That moment was immortalized thanks to the thousands of cell phones that were raised in the National Gymnasium to capture the first images of the show.

Photo/ EDH File

At the request of the reggaeton monarch, thousands of hands were raised to accompany him on “Dale Caliente” and “Machete”. The large conglomeration caused at least 12 people to end up in the hands of the Red Cross for dizziness, headaches and other ailments. However, everyone continued there waiting for “What happened, happened” and of course “Gasolina”.

According to the EDH publication, “Daddy Yankee was, without a doubt, the king of the night.”

Photo/ EDH File

The last concert!

The most recent time that Daddy visited El Salvador was in May 2017 and this 2022 surprised with the announcement of what would be his last concert in the country.

The news has spread like wildfire, leaving behind a mixture of melancholy and emotion. And it is that “The big boss” made public, formally, that he will withdraw from the stage with a tremendous record production and a series of concerts that already predict a full house.

At the moment, on its official page it includes different cities in the United States, but there are also for its fans from Mexico, South America and of course Central America, in which the visit to El Salvador, on November 5, stands out.