PHOTOS: Kate Middleton and the vibrant Caribbean look with which she surprised on her visit to Belize

The wife of Prince William was seen with an outfit totally different from the one she usually wears. Huge metallic blue hoop earrings accentuated her beachy look.

Outside he left the outfits with long sleeves and high necks; to surprise with a beach look that has left everyone enchanted. In such a way that Kate Middleton showed that royalty can also surprise with a more relaxed outfit.

The wife of Prince William opted for a color palette in shades of blue that highlighted her skin color and in fact injected a lot of joviality into her countenance.

An accessory that undoubtedly accentuated the Caribbean look were large hoop earrings in metallic blue. Something that could be unimaginable for someone of royalty who always bet on “discretion”.

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Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge began their tour of Belize this Sunday, as part of an official visit to the Caribbean and the Atlantic, and to strengthen British relations with countries in the area.

The couple arrived in Belize on Saturday afternoon at the main airport, where they were greeted with a military salute and greeted by Governor General Froyla Tzalam.

After that moment, Prince William and Kate went to the center of the city to meet with the Prime Minister, Johnny Briceño, and his wife, Rossana Briceño.

The couple’s visit also coincides with the Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee celebration of 70 years.

However, prior to the trip, the couple’s agenda for this Sunday was altered.

The couple had planned to visit the Akte’iL Ha cocoa farm in Indian Creek, as it is a great example of sustainable agriculture.

However, residents have demonstrated with banners against this visit.

Given this, Prince William and Kate will visit another part of the country “to show the entrepreneurial spirit of the Mayan family in the cocoa industry,” reported Kensington Palace.

Then, the couple would travel by plane to Hopkins Village, in the short northeast of the Central American country, where the Garifuna Festival is celebrated, where the couple will share with the Garifuna community.

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On a past visit to this community, Prince Harry danced with some of the locals.

After their visit to Hopkins Village, the couple will spend the rest of the day in an undisclosed location, and then on Monday they will depart by helicopter to Caracol, the most recognized Mayan archaeological area in Belize, and then visit Caana, the tallest statue in the country. .

Later, the family will move to the Batsub base in Chiquibul, where Prince William took military training two decades ago.

The couple will culminate their visit to Belize with a formal reception at the Cahal Pech May camp.

The Duke and Duchess’ visit to Belize is the first by a member of the British royal family since 2012, when Prince Harry visited the country as part of Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee.

The couple will continue their Caribbean and Atlantic visit to Jamaica and the Bahamas.

Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas were British colonies in the past and, although they became independent decades ago, Elizabeth II continues to hold the head of state.

At 96, the queen has assigned a large part of royal duties, such as these long trips, to other members of the royal family.

The queen herself has visited Belize a couple of times during her 70 years on the throne, as have other royals.

In April 2001, Princess Ana visited La Milpa, the third largest archaeological area in Belize, as well as several “milpas” (fields planted with corn).

Then, in March 2002, Prince Andrew inaugurated the third section of a motorway in the country that was subsidized by the United Kingdom.