PHOTOS: She is Valeria Ortiz, the beauty queen who is representing El Salvador in Miss Teen Universe

Santaneca, Valeria Peña Ortiz, is representing El Salvador in Miss Teen Universe, which takes place in Nicaragua. Cuscatleca is positioned as one of the top favorites to win the crown of the contest.

This Thursday, May 5, the final gala of Miss Teen Universe 2022 will be held in Nicaragua, where more than 40 candidates from different parts of the world will compete for the crown of the most beautiful teenager in the world.

And the representative of El Salvador is the Santaneca, Valeria Peña Ortiz, who arrived in the competition at the end of April with a great desire to bring victory to the little thumb of Central America.

Valeria, 19, has all the qualities that a beauty queen should possess. She is charismatic, intelligent, beautiful and, above all, she knows how to project herself in front of the cameras.

The teenager is studying the second year of the Legal Sciences degree at the Western Multidisciplinary Faculty of the University of El Salvador (FMO-UES).

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He likes swimming, bale, creativity and has an excellent oratory. Part of her goal is to graduate with a Bachelor of Legal Sciences and obtain a Master’s Degree in Economic Criminal Law.

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In the preliminary gala, the Salvadoran honored the customs and traditions of the country after wearing a typical costume inspired by “Chasca, the virgin of the water.”

Likewise, she looked spectacular in a swimsuit, where she highlighted her figure. While in an evening dress, he dazzled on the catwalk with a gold-colored outfit with which he radiated tenderness and elegance.

It will be today, May 5, where the Salvadoran will fight to be part of the top finalists to win the crown of Miss Teen Universe 2022.

People who wish to vote for her can do so through this link Miss Teen Universe in which you must react to his photo and show your support with positive comments on the publication.

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