photos with her first boyfriend at 17 show her big change

Throughout his life, Shakira He has experienced great loves that, although they were not destined, left a mark on his heart and the inspiration for many of his songs.

However, if there is one that marked her for life, it was the first: Oscar Ulloa. At 15 years of age, the famous she fell in love with the young man and began her first formal relationship.

Although she is very reserved, it was learned by Ulloa himself that he was the one who approached her after being captivated by her beauty on an outing with friends in Barranquilla.

“In the background of the people there was a black-haired, black-eyed woman with big eyebrows and I told them: ‘I have to meet her anyway”, he recalled in an interview with the Colombian program The net in 2013.

During the conversation, he said that his friends accompanied him to where “Shak” was. As they approached, he said to her: “You have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen in my life.”

From then on, he searched for her everywhere to get to know her more, from her school to her home. Finally, at one point, They began a strong romance that would last for several years.

The idyll of youth between the pair was immortalized in several photos. Of these postcards, there were several that came to light and now circulate on social networks such as Instagram.

Photos of Shakira with her first boyfriend at age 17

In the photos, you can see a very young 17-year-old Shakira with abundant black hair and an angelic face next to her first formal boyfriend.

The snapshots show the couple very happy and in loveas well as their indisputable complicity, while lovingly posing in front of the camera.

However, although she assures that she was a super-consensual girlfriend, quite jealous and “perfect”, Óscar decided to end the relationship with Shakira in September 1995around the time these photos were taken.

“We finished a day of love and friendship. I think it was the moment when she had to continue alone and I was not wrong. she got to heaven”, Ulloa, who is now a businessman, commented to the media.

The breakup was very hard for Shakira and that is how she captured it in one of her most famous songs: Anthologythe fifth single from their debut album Barefootwhich came out a month after being single.

“You made me see the sky even deeper. Together with you I think I gained more than three kilos, with your many sweet kisses distributed”, he expresses in the song.

But you forgot one final instruction, because I still don’t know how to live without your love.”, he confesses. Likewise, in another fragment, he mentions: “And it was because of you that I wrote more than a hundred songs and I even forgave your mistakes.”

The other songs from ‘Shak’ for Oscar

Without a doubt, it was difficult for her to say goodbye to the man with whom she shared several years of her youth and He accompanied her when she began her career in Bogotá while she was studying.

As he recalled in an interview with The netÓscar was by her side when her first two albums failed and the famous thought about retiring to study Psychology.

Also when “Shak” recorded his first telenovela and participated in the controversial “best tail” contest in Colombia, moments that he assured were not easy for him.

In the end, everything happened, the now 45-year-old singer-songwriter managed to get over it, but fans remember him fondly for inspiring her to create some of his most memorable songs.

And it is that, apart from the anthem Anthologythe woman from Barranquilla composed other musical pieces inspired by Oscar Ulloasuch as: You are, I need you, No Y Where are you Love?

The last one was a way of thanking him for his support at the beginning of his career. “Where are you Love? Come, come back for me, that life turns into an eight if you’re not here”, he says in the topic. It should be noted that he also participated in the video clip of this successful single.