Pictured is Joseph, the illegitimate son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, almost as bodybuilder as his father

Joseph Baena is the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his governess, Mildred Baena. (Malibu, September 1, 2019.) Abaca

This Saturday, July 2, the son of the star of terminator was spotted enjoying a walk in Malibu with a friend…and getting more muscular.

It seems that Joseph Baena has followed in his father’s footsteps. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son was seen on Saturday, July 2, during a trip to Malibu, Los Angeles (California), with a friend. In vans, black shorts and tight t-shirt, the illegitimate child of the star of terminator gave new insight into his muscular body, which almost rivals his father’s.

Joseph Baena was born from the hidden union between Arnold Schwarzenegger and his former governess, Mildred Baena. At the time, his wife, Maria Shriver (with whom he divorced in 2021, following this case, editor’s note) is pregnant with their fourth child. Thus, Joseph Baena will not learn until much later of the existence and the worldwide notoriety of his biological father. In an interview with the magazine Men’s Healthin February 2022, he recalls the chaotic day when he learned who his father was, when he was only 13 years old: “I was called out of class to leave (from school, editor’s note). And my mother is there, and she says: “We have to go, everyone finds out who you are and who your father is”.

Build a bond

Now 24 years old, the young man has become closer to the actor. In the “Unwaxed” podcast, hosted by Sophia and Sistine Stallone, Joseph Baena confided that it took them time to develop a bond. “It took a while for us to really get close, for me to joke with him, talk about everything with him. (…) I grew up with my mother and I was always nervous, I didn’t want him to think badly of me, to say to himself like: “What the hell is this guy doing? He’s always partying!” Today is really great between us. I’m so close to my dad and we joke about everything together.”

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The former governor of California is the father of four other children, all born of his marriage to Maria Shriver: Katherine (32) wife of Chris Pratt and novel author, Christina (30), Patrick (28) and Christopher (24 years).

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