Pierre Jean-Chalençon: an attack of rare violence against Caroline Margeridon!

The skirmish between Pierre-Jean Chalençon and Caroline Margeridon is not over. For several months now, the two former colleagues of Affaire Conclue, never miss an opportunity to let go of each other through the media. This Friday, June 24, the Napoleon collector once again let loose in the columns of France Sunday. First of all, he returned to the many controversies at the heart of which he found himself. Before talking about the world of television, which he sees as a world of hyenas.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon violently tackles Caroline Margeridon

But where Pierre-Jean Chalençon went the furthest is when the journalist mentioned Caroline Margeridon. To the question, is a reconciliation with the buyer of Concluded Affair is still possible, it was more than cash. The Napoleon collector explained:“This woman is crazy! She owes me a lot. Without me, Caroline Margeridon is nothing. She is wickedness itself. I was nice enough, I shut my mouth, now that’s enough”.

Pierre-Jean Chalencon

Despite his harsh words towards television and Caroline Margeridon, Pierre-Jean Chalencon would like to do a show again. And the least we can say is that he already has projects in mind. One focused on variety and the other on the Vivienne palate. Conscious of his image, he knows that it will be very difficult for him to be back in the foreground: I believe that I am the last troublemaker of the PAF, the one who says aloud what the others think quietly, that does not always please. Before TV, I didn’t ask anyone for anything. I became the guy that all television was raving about. They have created a monster, they will now have to deal with it! ».

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/257316-pierre-jean-chalencon-une-attaque-dune-rare-violence-contre-caroline-margeridon