Pierre-Jean Charançon violated, his cry against harassment alongside Jeremy Bellet

By Tristan Mieger

– Published on 11 Nov 2022 at 15:15

On his Twitter account, Pierre-Jean Chalençon explained that he had been the victim of harassment, but also of touching.

A few hours ago now Pierre-Jean Chalencon posted a tweet. In it, the collector of Napoleon, reveals to have been the victim of fondling and harassment. This strong declaration was made possible thanks to a man: Jérémy Bellet. After several months of intervention in schools, the young man is preparing a song against bullying. Explanations.

Pierre-Jean Chaleçon victim of rape and harassment

Pierre-Jean Chalençon is a regular buzz. But this time, it’s a much darker affair that brings out the face of the former buyer of Affaire Conclue. Indeed, in a recent post on his Twitter account, he said he had experienced an ordeal during his childhood. Calvary between harassment and rape: “As a child I was the victim of fondling and harassment at school, an obvious rape“. And if the Napoleon collector was able to speak today, it is thanks to Jeremy Bellet.

Moreover, Pierre-Jean Chalençon is certain, we need people like Jeremy Bellet. In particular to advance the causes: “If a boy like Jérémy Bellet had been there, it would have helped me a lot to better understand this ordeal. So I decided to get involved in his project against school bullying“. Aged 24, the young man has made the fight against school bullying his fight. And precisely, he decided to release a song to better educate the public.

A revisited Marseille

The title (a Marseillaise revisited) will be released on December 16. It will be accompanied by a clip in which many personalities participated. We think in particular of the singer Fabienne Thibeault, the actress Fiona Gélin, the host Amanda Scott or even Pascal Soetens and Pierre-Jean Chalencon. As a reminder, we also owe Jeremy Bellet the short film: One Last Breath. A film, for which he was decorated with the Medal of Arts and Culture.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/286366-pierre-jean-charancon-viole-son-cri-contre-le-harcelement-aux-cotes-de-jeremy-bellet