Pietro Lombardi feels ugly without a cap

The German singer Pietro Lombardi (30) has a trademark: his hat. Whether at a concert, on the red carpet, on his social media profiles or on TV shows: you never see the German without a cap. A few years ago, the musician even canceled a performance because he should have taken off his hat. In the second episode of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, however, the musician took off his headdress and lent it to the candidate Devin Kakmaci (28).

“Without a cap, I’m in the top three of the ugliest people in Germany,” admits Lombardi at this moment – and admits that it’s the first time he’s sitting there without a cap. But he quickly asks if there is a second cap he could wear: “Otherwise my wife will leave me!”

In 2019, the top floor of the “ZDF television garden” banned a headgear appearance and thus ensured that the singer canceled for a short time. He explained it to his community as follows: “Guys, small complication, I don’t appear at the ‘Fernsehgarten’ because the lady said that I shouldn’t wear my hat.” And further: «I’m going back home now. My music is doing quite well – thank God – even without the ‘TV garden’. What an impertinence. She tells me to perform without a cap.” (praise)

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