Pietro Lombardi gives a concert: Suddenly ER is on the stage

Pietro Lombardi gives a concert: Suddenly HE is on the stage

This is Pietro Lombardi

This is Pietro Lombardi

It is the only DSDS candidate who made it behind the jury panel: Pietro Lombardi.

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He’s finally back in his element: Pietro Lombardi had to wait a long time before he was allowed to tour. Due to Corona, his gigs had to be postponed last year. Now the DSDS star is finally back on stage.

And even if there was a serious incident in Oberhausen on Tuesday, Pietro Lombardi had to interrupt his performance, he then returned to Hamburg with body and soul. And not just him.

Pietro Lombardi: At a concert – ER is suddenly on the stage

In an Instagram video that the singer has now shared, you can see the raging crowd in Hamburg as Pietro sings. Then the cell phone camera pans somewhere else: in the background on stage is none other than “Jungle Camp” king Filip Pavlovic, who is playing on his cell phone. “Haha, Filip Pavlovic, caught! Haha,” writes Pietro Lombardi afterwards to the scene. And Philip? He can only grin cheekily and seems to feel at ease at the concert.


A few facts too Pietro Lombardi:

  • Pietro Lombardi was the winner of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (DSDS) in 2011
  • There he met his future wife Sarah Engels – the couple married in March 2013 and divorced in 2019
  • Their son Alessio was born in June 2015


Pietro Lombardi and Filip Pavlovic: “He’s as spoiled as I am”

The two have since become real friends. “Pietro is a great friend, even though we’ve only known each other for two years. He’s as screwed up as I am, we just tick in a similar way. He’s also a good person,” Filip recently admitted in an interview with “Bild”.

Incidentally, Filip was not the only one who was allowed to watch Pietro’s concert up close. “Love Island” star Yasin Cilingir and singer Cristobal were also there as active support.


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On the other hand, things were less pleasant this week in Oberhausen. A 12-year-old fan suddenly lost consciousness in the crowd. It quickly became clear to Pietro Lombardi that he was taking a short break. After the concert, the singer received touching news. You can read who it was from here >>> (jhe)