Pietro Lombardi: “I was broke again within three months”

In 2011, the then 19-year-old Pietro Lombardi (30) won the eighth season of the casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” and thus a prize of over 500,000 euros. In his podcast “Laura and Pietro – ON OFF”, which he runs together with his pregnant fiancée Laura Maria Rypa (27), the 30-year-old now speaks openly about his first bankruptcy. “I became famous from one day to the next and also had quite a lot of money,” says Pietro, “but I was broke again within three months”.

In the meantime, the ex-DSDS star should have his finances under control again. And he owes that not least to his girlfriend Laura, with whom the successful singer is currently expecting their first baby together. In an interview with “Bild”, the couple recently revealed which of the two will continue to regulate the finances of the small family in the future: “Laura is doing the finances now, I entrust everything to her.”

Pietro Lombardi: “I spent a million euros in nine months”

Already in the documentary “Pietro Lombardi: Family – Faith – Love”, the native of Karlsruhe spoke about his wasteful use of money. After Pietro was named Germany’s new superstar in 2011, a real rain of money rained down on him. “I think the first million was there after three or four weeks,” says the 30-year-old, revealing that he was simply overwhelmed with such a sum of money. “There were moments in my life when I managed to spend a million euros in nine months.” However, the singer does not want to feel guilty about this time. It was a good time for him, from which he has now learned.

A million euros in nine months: In the video below, the DSDS star reveals how he squandered his fortune.