Pietro Lombardi interrupts the concert in Cologne – “Is he going again?”

Pietro Lombardi: concert interruption in Cologne – “Now he’s going again, or what?”

03/27/2022 at 10:25 p.m

This is Pietro Lombardi

This is Pietro Lombardi

It is the only DSDS candidate who made it behind the jury panel: Pietro Lombardi.

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on this moment Pietro Lombardi Eleven years of waiting: In March 2022 the time has finally come. The DSDS star performed on Friday evening (March 25) in the sold-out Lanxess Arena in Cologne. A true milestone for the singer.

However, in the middle of his performance broke Pietro Lombardi suddenly off. The music stopped, the lights in the hall went on. Shock moment for the fans in Cologne.

Pietro Lombardi breaks off the song: “Paramedics please!”

The atmosphere in the Lanxess Arena in Cologne was exuberant. Either Pietro Lombardi as well as his fans enjoyed the opportunity to finally be able to party in a packed concert hall again. The 29-year-old unpacked one hit after the next and the crowd sang along loudly.

But then – in the middle of his performance of “Lüg mich an” – Pietro suddenly broke off his singing. His crew reacted immediately and stopped playing, meanwhile the large spotlights on the arena’s ceiling, which were normally only lit before and after the show, came on.

“Paramedics please!” shouted Pietro Lombardi while casting a worried look at his audience. Apparently a fan had circulatory problems. “Everything will be fine,” assured the singer of the young woman for whom he paused his concert.

Pietro Lombardi stops paramedics: “Can you tell me right away if everything is okay?”

As paramedics pulled the woman out of the crowd, other spectators in the arena began clapping and cheering. Pietro Lombardi was credited for keeping such a close eye on his audience and acting immediately before something more dangerous could happen.

Pietro meanwhile instructed the paramedics: “Can you tell me right away if everything is okay? Thank you.” Once again he earned thunderous applause from his audience. “I think it was a bit too warm for them,” he explained to the other visitors.

But attentive fans of the DSDS star feared the worst. “Now it’s working again, isn’t it?” A spectator, who had apparently noticed the incident in Oberhausen, burst out anxiously.


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At his concert on Tuesday evening (March 22) in Oberhausen, a 12-year-old boy collapsed in the crowd. You can read here how Pietro Lombardi reacted.

In Cologne, the show continued shortly after the incident. During the concert, however, Pietro asked another fan in the front rows if everything was okay. Luckily it didn’t have to be pulled out.

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