Pietro Lombardi: Laura splits the network – “I would never have posted something like that”

Oh la la! While most of us prefer to snuggle up this time of year, Laura Maria Rypa lets the covers fall. Pietro Lombardi’s fiancee shares a sexy snap of her baby bump shoot over the holidays. The proud father of the child reacts immediately.

And the followers of Laura and Pietro Lombardi also become clear when they discover the topless photo of the blonde on their screen. However, the fan community does not seem to be in complete agreement when it comes to this sight.

Pietro Lombardi’s girlfriend is topless with a baby ball

It won’t be long before Pietro Lombardi can hold his second son in his arms. His girlfriend Laura Maria Rypa is already in the 30th week of pregnancy. The 27-year-old now captures this emotional rollercoaster ride in an aesthetic baby bump shoot.

Laura wraps herself in a large, dark blue cloth. For a particularly tantalizing snapshot, the mother-to-be simply wraps the accessory around her hips, exposing her bare breasts. Laura puts one hand on her hip, with the other she covers her nipples.

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Pietro Lombardi loves Laura’s nude photo – followers criticize

A daring pose that seems to have gone down well with her friend Pietro Lombardi. “Sexy Mama,” he comments under the post shortly after the picture is published. The DSDS star clearly doesn’t seem to have a problem with the revealing photo of his loved ones. Laura’s followers are more critical.

“Well, I think the photos are super beautiful, but that’s something very private. Would never have posted something like that,” writes a woman on Instagram. Another agrees: “Mega photo, but I wouldn’t have posted something like that. Not as an expectant mother and not for the sake of Alessio either. ”A third user also accuses the influencer of marketing her child before the baby is born. “Something like that is really bad,” says the comment.

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However, Laura Maria Rypa receives support from most people. The mother-to-be is overwhelmed with compliments for her sensual image. “Just beautiful”, “one of the most beautiful mommys-to-be ever” and “enchanting” is written under the photo.